DoubleList is an ad site for an adult personals dating in your area. In the same style as Craigslist Personals and BackPage, the site is this time specializing in naughty ads and it’s completely free. There is also the sale of sex toys, underwear, pills, DVDs … There are all orientations, whether bi, gay, trans, lesbian. Each ad offers something different, you will find what you are looking for. You can post your own ad without paying anything.

On DoubleList find a hookup near you easily and quickly! It’s simple effective and safe, no more endless conversations or girls who do not respond after a few messages, if you want to fuck quiet this is the site you need.

In conclusion, we strongly advise you to try your luck on DoubleList if you wish to quickly realize many hookups throughout the USA. The people you meet through this site are sincere in their approach and are not afraid to shake their principles or their habits so as to conclude as soon as possible very intimate hot encounters. Our team has in any case been conquered by this site which we think is one of the most effective of the moment in the USA. Safety and efficiency are at the rendezvous, so what more? A practical interface of use? Look no further, you are in the right place!

Among the newcomers on the market of the naughty encounter, one finds the site DoubleList Personals. Famous for its adventures in the adult film market, the American brand is now turning to the sexy encounter, with this social network of the meeting that looks promising.

After trying it for 1 month, I give you my opinion on DoubleList Personals and the naughty results that I could get there.

DoubleList Personals

Today, it is towards the naughty meeting that turns the mark DoubleList Personals, by proposing a meeting site naughty 100% French, on which the users can come to find hookups. Between lovers of naughty games and some actresses who participated in the productions DoubleList Personals, the choice is interesting and aroused my curiosity.

In order to understand what this platform is worth, I signed up for a month, so I give you my opinion on DoubleList Personals.

DoubleList Personals, a social network of pleasures

From the beginning, we find the sexy design of the brand (which exists in different forms such as magazines, virtual channels …), and regulars will not be disoriented. For others, it’s sexy at will, or even X for some pictures.

Prude souls are warned.

To allow naughty encounters, the site has chosen to present itself as a social network of sex. It’s very modern and I could take my marks in a few minutes, since it takes the codes of classic social networks. We can chat with members via messages or live chat, we can publish his most naughty desires, like those of others, or add other profiles as friends.

It’s simple, very readable, and the nice naughty interface makes you want to browse the site. Is it also positive about the profiles that we meet here? I reveal it to you later in this review on DoubleList Personals.

Advantages of DoubleList Personals

Here are the highlights and weaknesses of DoubleList Personals:

  • A sexy design to wish
  • Hot members
  • The social network side pleasant and well designed
  • The 3-day trial offer

With DoubleList Personals, the brand now offers a social network to meet libertines through a modern and intuitive interface. Choose your Pass and join a community of uninhibited men and women for concrete hookups in just a few clicks.

DoubleList Personals: how does it work?

It only takes a few minutes to sign up for DoubleList Personals: some basic information is required to open your account. You will need to indicate your age, a nickname and choose a password.

You then have to customize a bit your profile. Start by adding some naughty photos to make your profile more attractive. We have an article prepared to help you choose your profile picture.

Once your photos online, remember to include a description of your sexual preferences and some details on your fantasies. it will help you to meet people who have the same sexual desires as you, and therefore to be able to experience that in bed with your new conquest. If you like hard and sex toys, it’s time to let it know …

Depending on the Pass chosen on DoubleList, you will then access more or less features on the DoubleList Personals dating site.

Main characteristics

DoubleList Personals can boast of renewing the online dating experience. The site is a real online libertine club. There are profiles of men, women and couples. The community, very homogeneous, is the strength of DoubleList Personals. Among the many strengths of the site, here are the main reasons to embark on the DoubleList adventure:

  • Thousands of profiles all over the world: no restrictions and 0 taboo
  • Spontaneous contact requests: DoubleList Personals members want to find sexual partners quickly and do not hesitate to contact you, men and women indifferently
  • A lot of couples looking for partners for threesomes, the opportunity to test new naughty experiences with a libertine couple.
  • Naughty and relaxed atmosphere: a social network first and foremost
  • Find the girls DoubleList on the platform: sleep with a porn actress!
  • Cam2cam and naughty content exchange (photos, videos …)
  • Instant messaging tools to quickly get to the heart of the matter

DoubleList Personals Free?

The question is worth asking, who does not want to make naughty encounters without spending a penny? Unfortunately on DoubleList Personals, only the registration is free, which still allows you to access the site and test it.

You can also decide to subscribe to a trial offer of 3 days for less than 3 €, which will allow you to get a good idea of ​​the site and make your first contacts. Be careful though, if you do not want to continue after this trial offer, you will have to cancel your contract with the site because otherwise you will be charged a month subscription.

Then, if you want to continue the adventure on DoubleList and send messages to other hot members of the community, you only need to subscribe to a subscription, you can see the prices below.

Customer service and security

Data protection, security, security settings: your privacy is guaranteed on DoubleList Personals. Like the big players in the adult dating world, you get on this site hookup meeting a very good protection of your privacy on the site. There are also (paid) options to hide you even more and use the services of DoubleList Personals completely incognito.

In addition to the traditional communication tools of a hookup site, DoubleList Personals publishes and posts regular X videos. We appreciate the site as a whole for its ease of use and especially its community.

Hundreds of thousands of members are chatting and dredging online for hookups near their homes. Be explicit and dare to express your desires and fantasies on DoubleList, there will be necessarily one or even several people to make them with you offline.


DoubleList the best Backpage Alternative

Seven officials of, a large classifieds site accused of promoting the trafficking and prostitution of minors, have been charged in the United States with money laundering and criminal conspiracy, according to a lawsuit released Monday.

The indictment, drafted by a grand jury in Phoenix, Arizona, targets Michael Lacey and James Larkin, the founders of this site for a long time in the crosshairs of the American justice.

The US federal authorities had abruptly closed Friday, without providing explanations.

The charges, made public at the same time as the suspects made their first appearance Monday before a magistrate, allowed to know more.

Backpage is accused of facilitating the prostitution of minors, some victims being only 14 years old.

The federal authorities also blame the company for having laundered some of the $ 500 million in revenue generated by the tariffed sex.

“Virtually every dollar that ends up in Backpage’s coffers is an illegal activity,” the indictment said. is sometimes presented by its critics as the world’s first prostitution site, although many of its millions of ads do not relate to prostitution.

Attempts to log on to “” or “”, his Canadian version, have led since Friday to a release from the US Federal Police and several other government agencies, with the following message:

“ and its affiliate sites have been placed under receivership by the FBI, the US Postal Inspection Service and the IRS Criminal Division.”


DoubleList the best Craigslist Personals Replacement

The Craigslist classifieds site, accused of being a source of prostitution in the United States, will remove its erotic section and create an adult section that will be controlled by its employees, announced the Illinois Department of Justice.

State Justice Minister Lisa Madigan has been informed of the decision of the free, very popular US site during a telephone conversation with San Francisco-based group officials. indicated his office in a statement.

The decision of Craigslist took effect Tuesday night and all the erotic ads published so far will expire over the next seven days. The site will create a new adult section where all ads will be reviewed by members of Craigslist and where nudity and suggestive photos will be outlawed, said Ms. Madigan’s office.

For months, judicial authorities in different states have been demanding that Craigslist remove these erotic ads. Several US Justice Ministers met with officials from Craigslist in early May to urge them to remove these ads.

A local police chief in Illinois also announced in early March that he had filed a complaint against the ads site, accusing him of being the “biggest source of prostitution” in the United States.